Special Services (DVA & Worker's Compensation)

Special Services (DVA & Worker's Compensation)


Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) sessions are a specific referral pathway from your doctor to us.

To be eligible for these sessions you must hold a DVA white or gold card, and be experiencing a chronic health condition. Each referral provides access to our service for up to 12 sessions.

If clinically necessary, your GP can provide an additional referral for continuation of our services. We can provide programs to be completed at home, within your local gym, or within our private training facility in O’Connor.

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Worker’s compensation sessions are under a specific referral from your doctor following a workplace injury or motor vehicle accident. These sessions are tailored to assist you in your return to work and will be guided by the requirements of your job related tasks. Services rendered under workers compensation referrals are subject to WA work cover legislation to ensure consistent treatment within the work cover space.


Please get in touch with us by calling 0418 515 101 or filling out the contact form below. We can advise of our timetable and class availability.

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