WA Police Force Fitness Evaluation


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, prospective police officers are required to complete the physical fitness assessment externally from the Western Australia Police Academy.

Applicants are now required to complete the physical fitness testing under the supervision of a trainer who has a minimum of 5 years’ experience working in the health and fitness industry, in conjunction with access to the necessary equipment to facilitate the testing.

Why Choose Us for Your Testing?

  • Over 9 years industry experience
  • We have access to all the necessary equipment to facilitate the testing procedures
  • We have administered the WA Police fitness test for a number of previous clients with a 100% success rate

What Does the Testing Involve?

  1. Beep Test – A measure of your cardiovascular fitness and endurance.
  2. Illinois Agility Test – A measure of your speed and ability to change direction quickly.
  3. Push-Up Test – Measures your upper body strength and endurance.
  4. Sit Up Test – Measures your abdominal strength and risk of lower back injury.
  5. Grip Strength Test – A measure of upper body strength directly relating to equipment used in the Police Force.
  6. Bag Lift and Carry – A measure of lower body strength and endurance whilst translatable to job specific tasks.

If you would like help to prepare for the testing we now have tailored packages available to assist you in the successful completion of the entrance requirements.

Please contact us today on 0418 515 101 or chris@fortitudephysiology.com.au to discuss our training options or to book in you Police Force Physical Fitness Evaluation.

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