Group Fitness Classes

At Fortitude Exercise Physiology we offer a range of small group training sessions. Group training is a great way of increasing motivation towards exercise due to the fun and motivating environment that is created.

We offer multiple classes per week and have classes specific for Type II diabetics, as well as classes for those who are looking to improve their overall health and fitness.  These sessions are run in a circuit fashion allowing for variety of exercises that reduce monotony. Our circuit sessions have a capacity of 10 participants to ensure safety and individuality.

Strength and Conditioning
Telehealth services for Exercise Physiology are now bulk billable with a current referral.

The Strength for life program is one of our newer group exercise programs, this program is designed for those who want to progressively improve their health and wellbeing in a group environment. We will be prescribing individual exercise programs to be completed in our O’Connor studio that will be modified over time as strength and fitness improves.

Our group classes have a maximum of 15 participants so be sure to book in early.


Please get in touch with us by calling 0418 515 101 or filling out the contact form below. We can advise of our timetable and class availability.

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If you have any questions contact us on 0418 515 101 or fill out the form below.